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Culinate Newsletter February 25 09

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 The first time I met [/user/hsawtelle "Hank Sawtelle,"] almost a year ago, he'd just come from culinary-school class and was still wearing his chef's whites. We discussed whether he might do an externship at Culinate, but because he got an amazing opportunity elsewhere, he didn't join us right away. Happily, though, he has now.

 Hank's writing our latest column, a Q&A of a technical nature called [/columns/askhank/ "Ask Hank"]. He brings his love of research (Hank's a former patent attorney) and technique to culinary topics. This week, he addresses salt. 

 As the name of the column suggests, Hank will be answering questions. If you'd like to pose a question, send him a note at Go ahead: everything you always wanted to know about cooking but were afraid to ask. 
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. Read about one of my favorite new cookbooks, The Paley's Place Cookbook, and watch a video featuring the book's author, Vitaly Paley.

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story1text: "Everything you've ever wanted to know about milk: Matthew Amster-Burton investigates pasteurization, homogenization, fat content, and more."
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story2text: "A new book by Steve Sando — of Rancho Gordo fame — helps demystify dried beans and gives a bushel of good recipes for cooking them."

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recipe1text: A potluck and birthday-party favorite, this cake is reliably moist and quite sweet.
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recipe2text: Think of this salad as a blueprint for other salads, with greens, nuts, fruit, and a flavorful cheese.

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