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A few changes in plan....

(post, Elizabeth Evans)

I ended up modifying my plan as I went along. Instead of the Washday Casserole, which my son objected to, we had turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread with mustard and pickle slices. Neither of us was in the mood for adding cheese. Frankly, this wasn't really enough to make a one-dish meal, and if he would have eaten them, I think I would have dished up some canned veggies or soup. 

The next night, since I already had the bread dough made that the recipe called for, I made the stuffed pork buns out of the 5-minute bread book. I used turkey instead of the pork, and simmered it for hours in a mix of California chilis, tomatoes and a little cumin seed. I used about a half can of green ancho chilis instead of the chipotle chilis called for -- not at all the same thing, much milder, but it's what I had on hand. 

I really, really liked the results. The meat sauce was actually enough for 2 batches of buns.

And on Thursday our tax refund money came and we ate out.