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What a Surprise!

(post, Quinn Losselyong)

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Just like every fall we let our carrots and beets take care of themselves underneath the soil and it seems to work out very well.  This year I was thinking it was going to be different because of all the Holiday snow we received and particularly how long it stuck around.  In my head I was thinking that the beets and carrots were goners just like the kale and chard were.  Well, it's a few months later now and the sun is shining bright and I start thinking about what to plant in my garden, so I wander back there and start imagining a garden full of carrots, beets, corn, peas, tomatoes, onions, eggplant and plenty of herbs.  While I am imagining this wonderful bounty, I see an orange spot in the garden and start wondering if in fact the carrots had survived the great snow storm of December 08.  They did, and they are delicious and sweet.  Lucky me.  So if you haven't checked your garden since last November and you planted some beets and carrots last year, you might just want to wander back there and see if you have an early, early spring surprise.