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New design elements on Culinate

(post, James Berry)

I finally got around, on Wednesday, to deploying some new design elements that had been sketched out by our wonderful designer last year. You've probably noticed the revised "My Culinate" area above fritter, which brings more personal information onto every page and frees up the search box area to be just a search box.

Another fun new element is the revised display for Sift and Most Popular posts, Recent User Posts, etc, which shows up on the home page and also on the interior pages. These are designed to make more content easily available in a minimum of space, while also being fun and informative. I really like them. Next up for these is to get them to auto cycle through their content, which shouldn't be too hard.

We've got more great changes coming. These continue the theme of pulling more user-generated content and user-information onto the home page.

Though we did a lot of compatibility testing for these new changes, a few problems with IE6 still popped up after deployment. I think those are fixed as of this morning. I wish the 20% of our readership that still uses IE6 would upgrade to Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. With the imminent release of IE8, IE6 will be 3 versions and 8 years old. It's time to move on, folks!