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Ten more budget tips

(article, Culinate staff)

Chow's regular roundup of 10 items on a food theme recently focused on, yup, stretching your grocery dollar. In a nutshell? DIY, baby. Buy in bulk and make large quantities of whatever you're jonesing for, be it granola (bake and customize it yourself), sliced deli meat (roast your own meat first), or mesclun salad mix (buy whole heads and chop your own). We like their recommendation to make your own pesto, too, rather than buying it for $6 in a little tub, although you may want to wait until summer when basil is in season — and cheap — then make a big batch and stash some in jars in the freezer. Alas, making your own Champagne isn't suggested; you'll still have to buy cheaper bubbly, like cava or prosecco.