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Yogurt--Food #8

(post, Giovanna Zivny)

Caroline's post about making yogurt reminded me of this revelation:  When I was 15 I spent a summer in Europe with my best friend.  I know. Lucky.  Besides learning to like beer, I fell in love with French yogurt.

It was creamy and somehow less tangy than most of the plain yogurt available back in the states in 1978.  That is, when you could even get plain yogurt--more often it was flavored with gloppy fruit at the bottom.  My parents had told me a story before about a friend who smuggled sausages back into the states under his hat, and I was inspired.  The night before I was to fly home, I carefully washed out a Noxema jar, and filled it with yogurt to use as a starter when I got back home.  

Sadly, I don't even remember if I ever made the yogurt.  But I am inspired again to try--this time I'll probably just use Straus or Trader Joe's brand (sadly no trip to France on the horizon).