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Potato Soup

(recipe, Maggie Restivo)


  1. 8 medium potatoes, pealed and diced
  2. 2 large onions, diced
  3. 5 Celery stalks, diced
  4. 5 Carrots, diced
  5. ¾ cup fresh mushrooms, diced
  6. 2 to 3 sprigs of parsley
  7. ½ lb. butter
  8. 1 pt. of cream
  9. ½ a gallon of milk
  10. 3 Tbsp. flour
  11. Salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a large frying pan (preferably one with high sides) over medium high heat, saute onions, celery and carrots in butter, salt and pepper to taste. Add the mushrooms, a layer of potatoes and parsley and saute until the potatoes are cooked just on the outside, roughly 5 min. Cover with water and boil until the potatoes are tender. In a separate pan saute the remaining potatoes in butter with salt and pepper to taste until cooked on the outside. Add water and boil until tender. Drain both of the pans and set aside. To the plain potatoes, add enough milk to make a runny mashed potato mixture. In a large stock pot or soup kettle combine the sauteed mixture, cream and remaining milk. Whisk in the runny mashed potatoes. Combine the flour and water to make a paste. Whisk in the flour paste. Simmer mixture on low heat for 20 min.
  2. This soup freezes well. Because I only cook for 2 make this big batch and freeze half to use later in the month.