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Old-fashioned chicken soup and dumplings

(post, Murielle Helgeson)

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Chicken soup and dumplings
Coeur fondant tout chocolat (individual chocolate cakes)

Just before Christmas, my friend Christine invited us for dinner. It was the day of the big snow storm. She cooked a wonderful chicken soup with dumplings. My parents were visiting us from France and never had this kind of soup before. They loved it! The French are not really good at cooking soups. As far as I know, at least in my family and around, your choice is: a traditional onion soup or a generic vegetable soup (always too thin...). Dumplings are unknown. When I had to translate american recipes for a French website, I had a hard time to find a French word for dumplings.
I was a bit nervous to cook it for the first time, as it is not in my culinary culture. And of course, I had guests tonight!
My friend Christine moved to Spain a couple of weeks ago. I should have called her yesterday to ask for her recipe, but I am not that organized. So I decided to go with a wholefood website recipe ( and I don't regret it. The dumplings were great, light but tasty, with cormeal, wholewheat flour and regular flour. The silly thing is that I read the recipe too quickly and I just realized 5 minutes ago that it was called chicken and dumplings and not chicken soup and dumplings. It is probably why I had to add a little bit more water...