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(book, Shirley O. Corriher)

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A scientific sleuth in the kitchen, Shirley O. Corriher reveals the secrets of baking in BakeWise. Here you'll learn why cakes and muffins can be dry, why génoise deflates, and why the cookie crumbles.

Corriher also describes useful techniques, such as brushing puff pastry with ice water to make the pastry easier to roll. The result? Higher, lighter, and flakier pastry. She'll help you make moist cakes; flaky pie crusts; shrink-proof perfect meringues that won't leak but still cut like a dream; big, crisp cream puffs; amazing French pastries; and crusty, incredibly flavorful, open-textured French breads, such as baguettes and fougasses.

With numerous "At A Glance" charts, BakeWise also gives busy people information for quick problem solving. Beginning cooks can cook from it and know exactly what they are doing, while experienced bakers will find out why the techniques they use work.