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Recent Member Blog Posts added to front page

(post, James Berry)

We just added member blog posts to the front page of Culinate, in an area that previously held "Most Emailed Articles." We sacrificed those emailed articles to make room for user content, an initial step in our work to expose much more of our member content (and members themselves) on the home page—we have a lot more of this planned; this was an initial and relatively low impact move.

Because many member blogs posts don't have a picture, we show the member's picture if there is one. If you do attach a photo to your post, it will be shown.

As usual, let us know what there is, or isn't, to like about this.

 p.s. Due to page fragment caching on the server, your newly submitted post may not show up immediately, but should get some airplay once the cached fragment expires. I may need to tweak the cache times for that element if they end up being too long.