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My sad break-up with Nancy's Yogurt

(post, Caroline Cummins)

i've eaten nancy's yogurt for years. it's local. it's organic. it actually has live bacterial cultures in it, unlike many commercial yogurts.

but yesterday i took a look at the ingredients list on a tub of nancy's yogurt (my husband had bought a different type of nancy's than our usual plain whole-milk variety) and was startled to see that the yogurt contains milk powder. i grabbed our usual variety for comparison purposes and yep, it has the powdered stuff, too.

if i wanted dried milk powder — which is manufactured in a process that oxidizes the milk's cholesterol, making it not exactly healthy for your heart — i'd buy, you know, dried milk powder and mix it with water, telling myself that i'm saving money in my milk budget (short-term savings!) while presumably wreaking havoc on my arteries (long-term expense!).

i feel betrayed. kind of like i felt all those years ago, when the news on trans fats began to come out, saying, "sorry, we told you to eat margarine because it was good for you, but actually it's way worse for you than butter."

i also feel stupid, for not reading the nancy's label more carefully. silly me, for assuming that yogurt was just yogurt!

any suggestions on other yogurts to buy? or should i just make my own at home now?