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Menu du jour

(post, Murielle Helgeson)

I feel lazy tonight. Someday soon, I will explain why I am writing on this blog. Well, I can start quickly:
- My mother, who lives in France, always wants some new ideas and recipes. I regularly tell her all the new things that I cook and she keeps asking for recipes. But I am lazy and I very rarely take the time to give her the ingredients and measures...
- My dear friend, Christine, just moved to Spain. We share a love for cooking. I want to keep this connection with her, tell her what the menu is today and eventually create something with her.
- I never cook a separate menu for my kids (George-6, Julia-3) and it is so convenient! Our family menus could give ideas to buzy moms who don't want to cook twice the same evening. Of course, my kids are half French and ate raw milk Camembert very early. But it's worth trying.
Well, I really need to go and watch "desperate housewives".

Au menu ce soir:
- Chili con carne (Black beans, red kidney beans and steak), inspired from this BBC recipe
- Blue cheese and spinach salad
- Tarte au citron