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my 25 random things about me and food

(post, Maggie Restivo)

# My favorite dinner is breakfast!
# My favorite snack is cheese and crackers!
# I make my own bread. 2 loaves every 2 weeks.
# I try to tackle one new recipe every month.
# Even though I'm on a college student budget I love hosting small dinner parties.
# Every dip/finger food I made for this years super bowl party involved cheese in some way, shape, or form.
# Until I moved to the South, I would never eat anything hot or spicy. I'm glad I'm over that.
# I subscribe to Taste of Home.
# I would rather bake than sleep.
# I try to plan a weekly menu, a week in advance.
# I do most of my grocery shopping at night when I get off of work.
# I have only worked in restaurants.
# My favorite autumn meal is stuffed pumpkin.
# To get to a farmer's market I have to drive at least an hour, with the exception of the May - August months.
# I hope to save enough money to go to school to be a pastry chef.
# I try to only buy condensed juice. It makes me think I'm not getting as much sugar syrup in my juice.
# I do not own a blender or a food processor. This greatly restricts what I can and cannot cook.
# I'm the only 21 year old female I know who would rather buy a cooking magazine than a fashion magazine.
# My trash always stinks. My justification for this is that I eat tasty, home cooked meals.
# I love to cook, I hate doing dishes.
# I have recently started baking with parchment paper. Why didn't I do that sooner?
# I have put my boyfriend in charge of cooking biscuits because I ALWAYS burn the bottoms.
# I love my crock pot! 
# Every time I go to Taco-Bell (which isn't often, it's definitely a treat when I do go) I always ask for a minute to look over the menu board. Then I order the same thing I get every time - nachos with extra sour cream.
# I make some things a day in advance because I think they taste better after they have had a chance to sit and all the flavors can become friends.