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(article, Kim Carlson)

Like a child biding the time before her birthday, I couldn't wait for Culinate's member blogs to come live on the site. Now that's happened, and bit by bit the community is coming to life. 

I love seeing what folks are writing on their blogs. Unfortunately, we don't yet have the perfect way to get those blog posts out to the rest of our members. We're working on it — but in the meantime, let me introduce a few bloggers who've caught my eye over the past week or so. 

(If you're a member and you'd like to follow any of these bloggers, send them friend requests — from the link on the upper left corner of their pages. That way, the next time they put up a blog post, you'll receive a notification on your News Feed.)

[%image reference-image float=right width=400 caption="Reader blogs spice up our pages."]

[/user/OysterCulture "LouAnn Conner"] has written a few great posts, including one on fugu (aka Japanese blowfish), and another on whether French cuisine should be added to UNESCO's heritage list. 

[/user/Twilight+Greenaway "Twilight Greenaway"], who's written a number of pieces on the editorial side of Culinate, introduces us to the notion of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture, which is a long name for a beautifully simple concept. (When you're on Twilight's page, check out all her contributions to Culinate by clicking on "Articles," in the left-hand column.)

[/author/chefivy "Ivy Manning,"] also a Culinate contributor, posted "25 Random Things About Food and Me," which is very entertaining and inspiring. (Check out Ivy's "Articles," too.) 

[/user/magpie26/blog/interestingarticle#comments201709 "Margaret Restivo"] redirects us to a blog post about raw food, which is a subject that gets people going!

[/user/mrklister "John Dryzga"] posted a blog about a mystery class, with just enough detail to make me want more.

Longtime Culinate reader [/user/radSujanto "Rad Sujanto"] writes all the way from Indonesia. Fried oysters, anyone?

Another Culinate contributor, [/user/giovannaz "Giovanna Zivny"] — also with "Articles" — is blogging food revelations, and more. 

And finally, Culinate's managing editor [/user/caroline "Caroline Cummins' blog"] is full of deep thoughts — and some not-so-deep thoughts, too. Good reading.

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