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My cooking night!

(post, Neil Nathanson)

A while after my wife went back to work, I volunteered to have a cooking night.  Seems fair - one night for me, six for her!!!!!  Dinner is now my responsibility on Wednesdays.

The last time that I had a cooking night was decades ago in college at University of Michigan.  I shared an apartment with three friends and we decided to share meals on Monday through Thursdays.  As you might imagine, the meals were not good.

After a few weeks, someone came up with the idea of a cooking contest.  Each Thursday night, we would vote for the best meal of the week.  With our competitive fires lit, the meals improved dramatically.  Everyone wanted to reap the reward that went along with winning the Thursday vote.  And what was the reward that motivated us to produce gourmet fare?  A gold star!!!!!!

Next time I will write about cooking while in law school.  We did not have the motivational "carrot" of the gold star - but we did have a "stick" when it came to cleaning the kitchen.