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25 Random Things About Food and Me

(post, Dianne Rodway)

1. At many a meal, I utter the phrase: "I love food." I can't help it. I say it and then I realize, I said it again! Moans of appreciation are uttered before I realize it.

2. If I didn't care to live a long life, I'd eat Doritos. I love the salty triangles, until they start digesting. Man, as a teenager I could enjoy a bag and a cola (anyone here remember Pop Shop?), in short order.

3. Honestly, I don't remember the last time I had a cola and I know the last two times I had Doritos (original manufactured flavor). They were individual sized give-away bags and I couldn't help myself. 

4. When I pay for my car servicing the customer service "guy" hands me a gold box with two Sees Chocolates. If the bill is large, I get two. ONCE I shared them with my husband.

5. RE: #1. On a womens weekend retreat called "The Gifted Women Group" led by a physchologist, she asked me "Are you sure you don't have an eating problem because I have never met anyone who enjoys food as much as you." 

6. The best two gifts I ever received from my husband, who doesn't cook, was his home made 6 course French meal with proper wine pairing for 8 of us. He has done this twice and both meal experiences were amazing, AMAZING. He read "manuals" (cookbooks) for weeks. 

7. Our French friend flew in foi gras for the occasion the first time.

8. The second time one of the guests announced he'd bring an aged Lafite Rothchild so John quickly adjusted the meal and paired it with beef from Phil's. (Phil asked to be a guest.) It was honestly the best wine of the night. 

9. At the end of the meal we thanked the gifter saying we doubted we'd ever experience such a wine again. Guess what? He said it was a gift and the price online was $450.00. He also said he has one more for the next party. How he has another must remain private but think socialite and regifting. It sure is a good story!

10. For my birthday this year, I am asking for another "Dianne's Dinner" gift in vegetarian style and that attribute has John protesting.

11. I organize my pantry to reduce stress.

12. Our family birthday cake was chocolate roll with whipped cream in the center and butter sauce overtop. I have only made it once myself. Some memories are best left as memories. 

13. Growing up in Alberta in the 60's my mother made dinner at noon. We came home from school to a major meal and then returned to school. That women did this amazes me and how did I stay away after a casual but large meal of potatoes, vegetables and beef tongue? Chicken was special and saved for Sundays. 

14. Only once did we watch TV at noon/ watch JFK's funeral procession.

15. Being a boarder homemaker would have suited me. I don't think I am fancy in my cooking, but I can make a group comfortable and they enjoy the food too. 

16. Last year we had a 1/2 CSA box and I loved it, but this year the farm isn't doing the 1/2 boxes. Darn! So I will consistently schedule a market visit and buy my own variety. I will miss learning to cook what is presented to me in the Rubbermaid container.

17. Not sure how it came to be that I am now mostly vegetarian. Basically, I eat what sounds or looks good to me and anything resembling flesh doesn't appeal. That being said, I enjoyed a piece of bacon this week.

18. Any vegetable roasted in the oven with olive oil and salt is the best.

19. My grandparents ended every meal, including breakfast, by passing around a hunk of cheese on a cutting board. I love cheese, any cheese.

20. Cheese can cause me to cough and dried almonds can cause me to hiccup. I eat almonds all the time and cheese every day.

21. My favorite breakfast/meal is either toast with peanut butter and sliced apple or toast with tomato and fried egg. 

22. My cookbook collection is obscene even after I sold 65 of them when I was short of money after getting a divorce. Wish I hadn't sold them, but I love the 100+ I have now (and my "new" husband of many years).

23. I'd rather salty than sweet.

24. My paella is great and my cataplana is close to the paella. The paella has drumettes even though I don't desire them myself.  

25. This weekend I am making Coconut Thai Curry with Tofu from 101 Cookbooks blog and I can't wait to eat it.