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25 Random Things About Food and Me

(post, Ivy Manning)

In the same vein as the popular "25 Random Things About Me" trend, I give you this, a way to know me better: by my stomach!
If you read this, fill out your own and pass it on!

# I love to chew on pen caps 
# I crave fried chicken thighs (never the breast..tastes like cotton)at least once daily.
# I schmear roasted garlic  on toast and eat it for breakfast.
# I love lethally hot pork curries, no matter of country of origin...vindaloo, jungle curry, Burmese with young ginger...
# I like equally spicy shredded green papaya salad with rice paddy mud crabs
# I eat pot stickers from Golden Horse in Old Town Portland around 3pm on weekdays so no one can see my boarding house manners.
# I make a mean Schaum Torte (meringues filled with frozen custard, strawberries and whipped cream), ask me for a recipe!
# I hate hard boiled eggs. Have since kindergarten.
# I am beginning to get the appeal of Spaghetti Squash
# I didn't like fish until I moved to Oregon.Now I have a little sushi problem.
# Some consider me a dumpling addict. But I can quit whenever I want.
# I dream of someday opening a restaurant that only serves mashed potatoes.
# I don't see why everyone makes such a big deal of beef tenderloin. Braise me a knuckle, tail or neck bone and I'm all yours.
# I once ate an entire pound of Purple Peacock Broccoli in one sitting.
# I once got in a shouting match over a bag of huckleberries. 
# I collect bottles of truffle oil.
# I ran away when I was 6 with a saute pan and a spoon. (A girl's gotta eat, ya know?)
# I love Juicy Fruit gum.
# I have been to Autentica dozens of times, but can't bring myself to order anything but the whole fried fish in adobo. 
# I have shaken hands with Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl, Charlie Trotter, Ming Tsai and Alton Brown. Only one really impressed me.
# I don't like cold soups.
# I can't eat cream, but I sometimes do.
# I am a lousy pie fluter. I try and try and never get better at it.
# My favorite quote is by Dolly Parton. When asked if she had a sweet tooth, she replied, "Oh honey, I'd much rather have one little potato than a whole pie!: