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Fried [raw] oyster

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I'd just like to share one of my fave foods. It's fried oyster. I believe it's Chinese as I've always had it at Chinese stalls. I heard that oyster helps you get more stamina (I mean 'stamina') aka more of masculinity for men. Well, I don't personally like eating it because I knew the 'power' of it but I just like the taste of the cooking. 

Anyway, today I had one for dinner. This time I wasn't really lazy unlike usual waiting for the food at my table but I stood waiting in front of the stall while watching the cook making the meal. I then got surprised that they used raw oysters not even boiled. I was surprised in a good way. "Ah, that's why they always taste fishy" 

Don't take it wrong. I mean they didn't really fry the raw oyster but only the other ingredients like the flour and egge (yea... I also found out that the ingredients were only flour and eggs which disappointed me a bit hehe)

Hmmm... love oysters!