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baking bread: is it 'doing something'?

(post, Sarah Gilbert)

I just twittered that I wasn't going to get anything done today, between babies not taking appropriate naps, a half-day for my first-grader, and the run I snuck in this morning, I haven't had enough time at the computer to compose one of the posts I earn freelance pay for. I'd barely had enough time to scan emails, let alone develop and compose a topic.

And then I realized what I HAD done. Walked a boy to school. Kneaded two loaves' worth of sourdough oatmeal bread. Eaten white beans with kim chi and yogurt (and I made all ingredients from scratch!). Mixed & baked a big batch of lavender honey shortbread.

Is baking bread, something? I think it is. It had better be; otherwise, I'm a drag on this little home economy. And now I'm off to knit a mitten.