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The Sushi Experience

(book, Hiroko Shimbo)

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From Hiroko Shimbo, the well-known and widely admired authority on Japanese food, comes the most comprehensive, engaging, and instructive book that has ever been written on the fascinating world of sushi — the delights of eating it, preparing it, and savoring it in its many forms.

Shimbo introduces you first to the history of sushi (it started out as a way of preserving fish) and shows how it has evolved into the phenomenon it is today, relished by food lovers the world over. She then takes you to a typical sushi bar, guiding you through all aspects of the experience, from the ordering of sushi and the etiquette of eating it to the appropriate exchange with your sushi chef. 

For the home cook, there are step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to make sushi rice properly and how to shape the rice around a variety of delicious fillings (primarily of cooked and preserved fish and seafood, omelets, vegetables, and seasonings). There are sauces and accompaniments to complement the sushi meal. A new world will open up as you discover sushi pouches, tossed and arranged sushi salads, sushi for the lunch box, and sushi dolls to make with your children.

Shimbo gives you all the tools you need: which fish to buy, how to be sure that's safe to eat raw, and how to slice it expertly. This all-encompassing, gloriously illustrated book also includes stories about fishermen, knife makers, tea growers, wasabi farmers, and sake brewers, to inspire American cooks to create, and enjoy, their own perfect sushi.