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Duck fat. Caul fat. Leaf lard. Bacon. Ghee. Suet. Schmaltz. Cracklings. 

Jennifer McLagan knows and loves cooking fats from animals, and you'll remember that you do, too — once you get a taste of her lusty, food-positive writing and sophisticated comfort-food recipes. 

Dive into more than 100 sweet and savory recipes using butter, pork fat, poultry fat, beef fat, and lamb fat, including Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Fennel and Rosemary, Risotto Milanese, Duck Rillettes, Bone Marrow Crostini, and Choux Paste Beignets. 

Scores of sidebars on the cultural, historical, and scientific facets of culinary fats as well as sumptuous food photos throughout make for a plump, juicy, satisfying read for food lovers.
Homemade Butter
Leaf Lard Pastry