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Never say never

(article, Culinate staff)

We've written about [/articles/sift/highfructosecornsyrup "high-fructose corn syrup"] from a health standpoint; many detractors suspect that it contributes unduly to the obesity epidemic. Sure, Americans may eat too much HFCS, says dessert pro David Lebovitz, especially those who eat a lot of prepackaged foods. But does that mean cooking with corn syrup is never a good idea? Hardly, says Lebovitz. His recent blog post '"Why offers good information for those times when a little corn syrup is actually a good thing: for shine, body, or as an "interfering" agent, to prevent the crystallization of sugar. (And, Lebovitz notes, the corn syrup you're buying at the store is just corn syrup, not HFCS.)