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Winter bread-making

(post, Dee Greenwood)

I just fed a sourdough starter which has been resting in the fridge for weeks.  One more feeding and it should be ready to use.  I made a dark bread over the weekend, but wasn't entirely happy with the result.  Am still making adjustments to old recipes in order to use sourdough starter rather than yeast.  We haven't bought a commercial loaf of bread in months!  And it really doesn't take a lot of time if you use a KitchenAid (or processor) to do the heavy work.

At any rate, I am planning to make whole wheat blueberry muffins using a cup of starter as well as a whole grain bread dough.  I find bread making to be a soothing activity in the winter.  And by hand kneading the dough it qualifies as exercise when it is too cold to be outdoors.