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Rack it!

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Today I racked off our hard cider into a clean carboy. More importantly I got to try it for the first time since the early November press. The verdict: it tastes great! I am a little surprised to be honest. I've talked to a fair few local cider makers professional and otherwise and most agree that a good hard cider is the result of an interesting medley of apples. We used one type AND it was a fairly sweet fresh eat heritage red. Typically hard cider is made from a majority of tannic, sour and not-so-good-to-eat-fresh apples.

But it's good -- honestly. And I'm hoping it'll only get better as it ages and off-gases for another 1-2 months before add a final jump of sugar (the only thing we've added so far has been champagne yeast just after pressing) and bottle it. Then, another 1-2 months if we are really patient. 

So all the thumb twiddling adds up to a pop and fizz March/April hard cider. 
An ounce of patience is worth a barrel full of brains I guess...