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Me on Culinate

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I've been a member of Culinate since months ago. I was interested in joining as a member because I was following one tv show on Discovery Travel and Living channel hosted by Andrew Zimmern called Bizarre Food. He's a food traveler. He's very famous as well as his show so I'm pretty sure you've heard of him if you're into traveling and eating! LOL

Just yesterday I updated my account here; changing my old display picture, giving more details about myself, and also posting a blog there for the first time. Yes, I just found out their new feature of blogging here. It also has News Feed showing whatever you currently do plus a status update.

Anyway, this morning I was hungry but didn't know what to eat. I then remembered a recipe that I made on my own a couple days ago and gave it another try this morning for my breakfast and I made it!

It is called Creggkers with Thousand Island and Sambal Bawang. It's only a snack anyway. More details about the ingredients and the method of making it is neatly written in my Recipe Box. Have it a check if you're interested =)

Speak of Culinate itself, I kind of like this website. The way they help the users to write their recipe is very helpful and easy! And it's pretty interactive as you can interact with other recipe posters or just food lovers here.

If you're already a member here, let's be friends! 

So, what did you have this morning? Whatever it was, hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed mine =)