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I just cooked!

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... totally on my own! Can't believe it I managed to make a nice meal! Hehe. So, since my sister and her son are away in Surabaya, her husband is working in the rig and while my mum is in Singapore, the only ones left in the house are my dad, my niece and (why!) me. Hummm first time becoming the 'mum' in the house. So, I cooked for everyone today...

I planned to make fried chicken today. It turned out more than just that =)

I quickly went to the supermarket to get what needed for the meal such as fresh cut chicken, flavored flour and... that's all! =) I did have the rest of the ingredients in our kitchen hehe.

So, let me just share with you how I made the meal.

I washed the chicken while boiling about 1 liter of water with heaps of Oyster sauce, a bit of salt and two tiny pieces of turmeric in order to get rid of the chicken smell. When clean enough I then put the chicken in.

I stood... waiting. Getting a bit boring...

I checked the chicken quite often to see if it'd cooked well already. After several checks suddenly I thought about an idea. "Let's use the chicken curry!"

Yes instead of wasting the curry, I thought of re-using it to make a soup. So, I checked my refrigerator to see what we had. There were carrots, eggs, macaroni, chillies, and everything else I can hardly name here =P

"One carrot, macaroni and an egg should be enough" for some reason I spoke to myself.

Washed the carrot, peeled off the skin slightly and cut it into smaller slices. I honestly don't really like carrots in any way. So, I sliced it into four different 'styles'. The purpose was to make it look cute and 'edible'. It seemed to work =)

Once the chicken was cooked enough and taken out of the pan, I then put it in to a bowl full of the flavored flour before then I fried it.

In meantime, I put the sliced carrot in to the left curry with the macaroni and egg. Not just that I also put in a secret ingredient too... hummm, French bread butter! Haha, I didn't even know it was in our refrige. I know it was for the bread but who would know? I was alone in the kitchen. Ssshhhh...

I am so not good at writing a good and organized recipe. 

More details and pictures can be found here