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Steak. Burgers. Chocolate. Pasta. Ice cream. Shrimp. The first asparagus of spring. Corn and tomatoes from the height of summer. These are the foods people love — passionately, unconditionally. 

Sheila Lukins identifies 32 of these foods, then obsessively offers the 10 very best recipes for each. And voilà: Ten, the dazzling be-all and end-all cookbook from one of America's most beloved food writers, coauthor of The Silver Palate Cookbook, The New Basics Cookbook, and most recently, Celebrate!.

Ten is the 10 best burgers, including a classic Bacon Swiss Burger with Tomato and Avocado and Jeremiah Tower's extravagant Black Truffled Burger. The 10 best Sunday dinners, 10 best seafood salads, 10 best cakes. 

With over 300 recipes, including dishes from top chefs such as Tom Colicchio, Judy Rodgers, Anthony Bourdain, and Tom Valenti, Ten is truly a celebration of the best of the best.