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When it comes to hearty, satisfying snacks, one food rules the roost: chicken wings. Whether you're watching the big game or hanging out on the patio, serving a tapas meal or putting out cocktail party nibbles, you can't go wrong with these tender, flavorful morsels.

Chicken wings first took flight in Buffalo, New York, where they were paired with hot sauce, celery, and blue cheese. But as Debbie Moose shows in this one-of-a-kind cookbook, there's more than one way to make wings soar. Inside Wings, you'll find 65 terrific recipes and gorgeous color photographs that demonstrate just how deliciously versatile chicken wings can be.

If you're a fledgling wings chef, Moose shows how easy it is to turn out perfect fried, baked, and grilled wings — and impress guests with easy-but-delicious recipes like Crispy Italian Fliers and Crunchy Lemon-Pepper Wings. If you like your wings hot and spicy, she shows you how to blast off with incendiary recipes ranging from Classic Buffalo Wings to Mole Ole, Tangy Thai Wings, and Vindaloo Vipers. And if you're looking for wings that are truly out of this world, try such exotic delights as Wings Go Coconutty, Chinese Five-Spice Chicks, and Ginger-Lime Wings with Rum Glaze.

Complete with recipes for sauces, dips, and salsas that can elevate plain wings into something extraordinary, Wings delivers everything you need to create the perfect party menu. So invite your friends, cook up some special wings, and watch the party take off.