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Tiny kitchens offer no excuses

(article, Kim Carlson)

The New York Times is all over the financial crisis, the Obama transition, and, yes, small kitchens. This week, the word from Times food writer Mark Bittman is that small kitchens are a pain, but not that big of a pain: "I complain, but I make do." A while back, Tara Parker-Pope, the health blogger at the Times, saw a pic of Bittman's kitchen in a Bitten post about testing a turkey recipe (there's another photo in the New York Observer), and wrote about it in a blog post unsubtly titled "Mark Bittman's Bad Kitchen." Meanwhile, another Times food person, recipe tester Jill Santopietro, is starring, along with her 11.5-square-foot kitchen, in a new video segment called "Tiny Kitchen." Now that's minimal.