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Ken Hom’s Chinese Kitchen

(book, Ken Hom)

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In this book, Ken Hom introduces the best of Chinese cuisine, with an emphasis on linking diet with health.

This is a recipe book and a reference book in one volume. The first section is a comprehensive guide to over 80 ingredients regularly used in Chinese cooking, including the essential sauces, pastes, oils, starches, and vegetables. Each is illustrated with color photographs and with notes on its history and provenance, aroma and flavor, nutritional value, and culinary uses. The text then explains how to store, prepare, and preserve these ingredients. 

The second section contains 100 recipes, many of them pure Chinese, others exemplifying Ken Hom's distinctive "East meets West" style of cooking. The recipes describe everything from making soups and stir-fries to Cantonese pressed duck. 
Vegetarian Delight
Prawn Dumpling Soup