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Who will be the next Secretary of Ag?

(article, Kim Carlson)

President-elect Barack Obama has been busy with appointments, but one powerful and influential office that has yet to be filled is that of Secretary of Agriculture. Many names have been floated as possibilities to fill the job, but most of them would disappoint those who believe the food system needs to be reformed. 

On Friday, Kim Severson of the New York Times announced a letter signed by dozens of "foodies" (her word) to Obama suggesting six people who are progressive choices for ag sec. Then yesterday, Michael Pollan sent a note to his email list, asking people to join him in signing the letter, which had become a "live petition." 

Want to sign — or at least learn more? Check out the petition. Meanwhile, today Tom Philpott at Grist is feeling optimistic that Obama may pick a progressive for the role — and says he'll do it soon.