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They caught it!!

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Another great Thanksgiving potluck. Tyler cooked the turkey outside in the oven he built a couple years ago. For now we wrap the bird in lots of foil because the flames are so close but he's redesigning the oven for more ambient/less direct heat. I made garlic cheese grits, standard and vegan stuffing with wheat sourdough lots of local butter (oil for the vegan one) and herbs from the front yard, and cheese breads -- party rye topped with a mozzarella, parmesan, minced onion and mayonnaise spread and broiled. Others dishes on the table: broiled brussels sprouts, Tofurky and roasted carrots, green beans, salad, plum and pumpkin pies. 

The next day we made two stockpots of broth -- froze one in ice trays and bagged it, and made a spicy turkey rice soup with the other. I froze a lot of the turkey too. Way too much food as usual. I think I'm going to make mole and turkey enchiladas in a couple weeks. Thanksgiving keeps on giving.