Culinate Philosophy

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At Culinate, we believe that eating well and living well are interconnected. A greater awareness of such an elemental thing as food brings nothing less than a greater appreciation of life.

We want to remember the basics. Before oatmeal is ladled into a bowl, it is a field of waving stalks; before beef is wrapped in plastic, it is a cow tended by a rancher; before water is bottled, it is rainwater, clouds, ocean. 

Making food choices is easy. Making food choices that fuse health, community, and the environment is more complicated.

The time we take to consider, obtain, cook, and eat food with friends and family is some of the best time we can spend. Basic to a good life are food, stories, and an indelible sense of connection to other people.

At Culinate, we don't believe that ideals are models of perfection. They are, instead, principles to chart the course, compass points in a sea of choices.

Go ahead. Eat up. Eat to your ideal.