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Chocolate cookies

(post, Kim Carlson)

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Who doesn't love a good cookie-and-candy plate? You know, the kind a neighbor drops off on a Sunday afternoon, or a colleague brings to the office? 

In my book, a really top-drawer confection plate has to feature at least five varieties of sweets, and each one should have a different texture. There should be nuts and berries, maybe some butter cookies, and of course, a little chocolate.


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Which brings me to these chocolate cookies. My mother makes them with a simple white frosting, which is decadent enough, but sometimes you just want the high-octane version — hence, the chocolate frosting here. "Tiny Chocolate Cakes" might be a better name for the recipe; these cookies are cakey, sweet, and soft. They make a good chewy addition to a plate of crunchy and gooey confections.


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