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GMO farm animals for dinner

(article, Caroline Cummins)

So the FDA has been considering changing its rules to allow the marketing and sale of foods made from genetically engineered farm animals. Not cloned animals, but all-new scientific marvels. 

What sorts of GMO animals? Well, reports Torstar, a Canadian news service, how about the Enviropig, a pig engineered to produce more environmentally friendly poop? (Sounds good, but the Enviropig would likely discourage industrial hog farms from cleaning up their poop lagoons.) Reports the news service: 
bq. As the \[FDA\] guidelines stand now, companies do not have to conduct human trials to test the safety of transgenic meats. Nor do they have to specially label products made from genetically engineered animals. And many consumers are outraged that transgenic meats could end up in their grocery cart without their knowledge.

The FDA posted the proposed regulations online and offered a public-comment period that ended in mid-November.

As the Boston Globe reported earlier this month, cloned animals were deemed safe for human consumption by the FDA in January. Genetically altered animals are a whole new take on Darwinism:

bq. Among the gene-altered animals angling to appear on our dinner tables are farmed salmon with novel DNA that makes them grow faster; pigs with bacterial genes that make their manure less environmentally damaging; and perhaps even cattle bearing fish genes for omega-3 fatty acids. Imagine filet mignon as healthful as fillet of sole.