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Culinate Newsletter October 29 08

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,
 One recent afternoon, I chopped an onion and some carrots and sautéed them in olive oil. After a while, I added a cup or two of red rice and let the mixture simmer. My youngest daughter drifted in, as she often does when the kitchen begins to smell good. 

 "Can I eat some?" she asked, eyeing the ingredients in the pan not unlike a wolf eyeing a lamb. 

 "No," I said, shooing her away. "It's for the meatloaf I'm making."

 Her face fell. "Meatloaf?" she whined. "You'll ruin the rice by adding it to meatloaf!" 

 I know she would have preferred to toss the mixture with a scoop of cannellini beans, add some steamed broccoli florets, and call it dinner. In fact, we do that often — start with some variety of grain and legume, add a vegetable, and serve.

 I guess I'm lucky: Not only are rice and beans a good-for-you bargain, at our house they're a favorite.

 Last week, I asked a host of food people — Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle, Mollie Katzen and others — [/articles/ourtable/theultimatebudgetmeal?utmsource=NL102908&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=RiceNBeansFavorites&utmcampaign=RiceAndBeans "for their favorite ways to eat rice and beans."] Cheerfully, they humored me.
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: Don't know your Hubbard from your kuri from your acorn? Read this. 
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story2text: Hank Sawtelle analyzes how much money you'll save by cutting up your own chicken.

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recipe1text: Uncomplicated seasonal cookies enhanced with chocolate.
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recipe2text: Turn pot roast into pasta with this popular Caffe Mingo recipe. 

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