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Wine from all 50 states

(article, Culinate staff)

We've heard a lot about West Coast wines, but what about wines from the rest of the country? Turns out, every state produces wine of some kind, and now Time magazine has published a tasting of representative wines. Writer Joel Stein tasted one bottle from each state (with a little help from friends) and wrote unflinchingly about  them — the good, the bad, and the ugly. On a chardonnay from Georgia: "I did not know so many things could be bad about a single wine: it's watery and yet it tastes like sweet gasoline at the same time." On a chardonnay-rhubarb blend from Alaska: "I'm embarrassed to like this wine, but every single person at the tasting party enjoyed it." To taste 10 of the wines, Stein was joined by the hilarious Gary Vaynerchuk of the Internet wine-tasting show "TV Wine Library." Be sure to catch their video, linked on the story.