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best sourdough waffles: they're almost perfect

(post, Sarah Gilbert)

It's my aspiration and commitment to local, nourishing, seasonal food that breakfast will be perfect. By perfect I don't necessarily mean 'excellently prepared' but I do mean packed with whole grains that have been properly prepared, and include zero processed grains or processed sugars, and with fruits or vegetables if possible. I have several regulars meals: thick-cut oatmeal that's been soaked overnight; sourdough carrot bread; sourdough oatmeal bread I've baked; or sourdough pancakes or waffles. The carrot bread is "perfect," as I can include other vegetables and fruits (zucchini, apple, tomatoes) and then I can overlook the occasional error in food judgment the rest of the day.

Sundays are good for waffles, and today was ideal, no plans but planting garlic and finding something to do with all these apples. (I even bought MORE yesterday in a fit of giddy craziness -- enormous Oregon apples I've never seen before at the market on 24th and Hawthorne.) I awoke to a dirty kitchen and a bowl overflowing with the "sponge" (3/4 cup sourdough starter, 2 1/2 cups (ish) whole wheat flour, a few tablespoons honey and about two cups of water). I cleaned up while the boys ate bananas (so not local but someone brought us home a dollar bag from Limbo), white-white-white sourdough bread from the Bread Stop (from Eugene but without a single whole grain), and "almond milk" (raw milk with almond extract and a teaspoon of rapadura sugar), then made waffles, adding in three egg yolks from my chickens, a teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of baking soda, about two ounces of melted butter, some cinnamon, and about a cupful of buttermilk.

I stirred gently to fold the ingredients together and eagerly awaited the first waffle. I lifted the lid and it was a marvel, almost lacy and crisp, so light. No one else was hungry any more, they said. No matter. I ate them with rapture and soon Everett was asking for one, too, Monroe was poking at his on his high chair tray, and I ate three.

I should have peeled and sauteed some apples for the tops, but the stove was still covered in tomato sauce from last night and I couldn't wait to eat. An almost-perfect breakfast then. It'll have to do.