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of filmjolk yogurt and too many cultures

(post, Sarah Gilbert)

They're all around me, the cultures: there are sadly-neglected cauliflower sour pickles on the cupboard; apple-scrap vinegar beside it; my sourdough bread culture waiting in the fridge for the next go-round; cultured butter glistening sourly on the counter; lacto-fermented salsa almost ready to send to cold storage on the counter; and on the folding table in the breakfast nook (or, what will someday be my breakfast nook), the mixer, splattered with two or three weeks' worth of butter culture and who knows what else. And now, the Filmjolk, the Viili.

Filmjolk and Viili are yogurt cultures, purchased from an Oregon City mama who runs Cultures for Health. They make a nice addition to my suite of fermenting foods but: oh no. The instructions mention I should maintain a distance of several feet between cultures (thank goodness I've temporarily shelved the kombucha!) to maintain the purity and strength of these amazing Northern European cultures.

I hem and haw for a bit, first trying a high shelf that, truth be told, is only two feet from my cultured butter. This won't work. I try the living room instead, and make a new space on the shelf above the wireless router (bonus: warmth boosting my room temperature from 62, too cold for efficient culturing). After much deliberation I realize I'll just have to rotate the yogurt-making, worrying still that cultures will hang out in the air in my new spot.

Too much culture. Who ever knew there was such a thing?