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The Vegetable Challenge ends

(post, Kim Carlson)

Thanks, everyone, for participating in the Vegetable Challenge with me. I am inspired to head into winter eating more veg than last year; I hope you are too. Since we started the Challenge, the economy's gone cuckoo; vegetables may prove to be the best buys out there. 

[%image reference-image float=left width=350 caption="Baby artichokes are beautiful, but not too beautiful to eat."] Watch for a VC reprise in February; we can see how we're all managing with our winter squash and cabbage. Meanwhile, though, here are the prize winners for the Vegetable Challenge giveaways:

A $100 farmers' market gift certificate goes to Christie; books go to Jean, Christine R., Rexy, Diane, Jeanette, Meg K., Nils B., Robin C., Ruth, and Darlene. Congratulations, all; you've been notified by email. 

And finally, do as your mother said: Eat your vegetables!

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