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China Moon Cookbook

(book, Barbara Tropp)

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h4. From the publisher

The chef/owner of China Moon Café, a popular San Francisco restaurant, Barbara Tropp was also the author of several books on Chinese cooking. She is credited with inventing the concept of the "Chinese bistro," where homestyle Chinese tastes and techniques were blended with Western ingredients and inspiration.

The recipes in China Moon Cookbook burst with unexpected flavors and combinations: Prawn Sandpot Casserole with Red Curry and Baby Corn; Spicy Tangerine Beef with Glass Noodles; Pizzetta with Chinese Eggplant, Wild Mushrooms, and Coriander Pesto; Chile-Orange Cold Noodles; Sweet Carrot Soup with Toasted Almonds; Wok-Seared New Potatoes; Crystallized Lemon Tart; and Fresh Ginger Ice Cream.
Strange-Flavor Eggplant
Garlic Croutons
Crystallized Ginger Butter Squares