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September 25 2008 Market

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This week is the last market of the 2008 season. Thank you all for your support.

Fall entered with rain at the beginning of the week. The abrupt change in weather has hastened the end of the harvest for blackberries and raspberries. A few pints may make their way to the market this week. If you see some, buy them for it will be the last local berries until next year. On the other hand, the apple and pear harvest is in full swing. Draper Girls and Stephens Farm will both have cider as well as the fruit. You will also find fall crops like broccoli, kale, beets and chard. Tomatoes and corn will still be around if you're not quite ready to a fall menu.

Here is the list of this weeks vendors and the products they expect to bring in:

Draper Girls Country Farm - ciders, apples (Gala, Gravenstein, GingerGold, Early Gold), nectarines, peaches, dried fruit, tomatoes, lamb

Edgemaster - blade sharpening service

Fressen Bakery - OUT (Bakery is moving this week)

Graceful Blades - grasses, perennials, herbs

Greenleaf Farms - Blackberries(maybe), raspberries(maybe), carrots, arugula, potatoes, chiogga beets

Greenville Farm - plums (Italian prune), apples, zucchini, summer squash, zucchini, pattipan squash, green beans, corn, broccoli, tomatoes, gourds, eggs (maybe)

Herr Family Farm - cut flowers

Hot Mama Salsa -  handmade salsa and chips

Savory et Sweet - crepes and salads

Stephens Farm - blackberries (maybe), blueberries (maybe), peaches, apples (Gravensteins, Gala), plums, grapes, kale, beets, tomatoes, cider

See you at the market!