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Grilled Fish with Tomato-Olive Relish

(recipe, Carrie Floyd)

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The tangy relish — especially made with summer's ripest, juiciest tomatoes — makes a nice complement to rich-tasting, meaty fish.


    1. 2 lb. salmon, halibut, or albacore tuna
    2. Juice of 1 lemon
    3. Salt
    1. 1 cup cherry tomatoes, quartered
    2. ⅔ cup pitted Kalamata olives, coarsely chopped
    3. 3 Tbsp. diced red onion
    4. 3 Tbsp. capers, drained
    5. 1 Tbsp. finely chopped marjoram, oregano, or basil
    6. 2 Tbsp. finely chopped Italian parsley
    7. 1 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
    8. 1 Tbsp. red-wine vinegar
    9. Pinch of red-pepper flakes and salt, to taste


    1. Prepare the grill. Season the fish fillets on each side with lemon juice and salt. Grill until cooked through and the meat begins to flake.
    2. Meanwhile, prepare the relish by combining all the remaining ingredients in a medium-size bowl.
    3. Serve by spooning about ⅓ cup relish over each cooked fillet.