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Culinate Newsletter September 10 08

(mailing, James Berry)

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 h1. Dear readers,

 Ah, fall. September is often Portland's finest month: The air is still warm and the light glorious. At the grade school near our office, the swifts are making their temporary home in an abandoned chimney, putting on a two-week show for the neighborhood. Leaves have begun to turn golden; a few have fallen. 

 And the harvest is incredible: Gorgeous sweet peppers and pale lemon cucumbers. Pattypan squash and hazelnuts. Carrots in shades of yellow, orange, and chocolate brown. Tomatoes and grapes warm off the vine. Plums, beans, and plentiful greens. You can even sometimes find okra, a Southern treat that Emily Horton helps demystify this week on Culinate. It's enough to make you just want to go to the kitchen and lose yourself among the vegetables.

 Have fun!
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

 P.S. Watch for a survey heading your way from Culinate. Answer it and you could win a $100 shopping spree at your local farmers' market!

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story1text: "Curious about mandolines? Kelly Myers answers your questions."
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story2text: "It's cider season. Megan Holden investigates the pasteurization issue."

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recipe1text: Pair spicy marinated meat with intensely flavored rice.
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recipe2text: Turn the bounty of late-summer tomatoes into a chunky salsa.

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