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Culinate Newsletter September 3 08

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 h1. Dear readers,
 Even if you're not a gadget geek, chances are you have a favorite small appliance in your kitchen. You know, the one you reach for? The one you use over and over? For many people, a KitchenAid mixer makes them happiest; for others, an immersion blender gets most-favored status.

 I do love my immersion blender. But the workhorse in my kitchen is my Cuisinart food processor. I've had it for more than 20 years! I had to send it back to the factory once to have the motor replaced (I overdid it with the dough hook), and we've had to replace the bowl once or twice. But it's still going strong. 

  What about you? Check out [/articles/features/foodprocessors?utmsource=NL090308&utmmedium=email&utmcontent=Feature-Food%2BProcessors&utmcampaign=Food-Processors "our feature"] on food processors and then tell us in the comments whether you too are nuts for this appliance — or what you use more. 
 Kim Carlson
 Editorial Director

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story1text: This author and activist brings a populist perspective to food.
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story2text: Dietitian Marissa Lippert looks at the health benefits of local foods.

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recipe1text: A new angle on grilled vegetables.
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recipe2text: Got plums? Make cake. Here's a traditional winner.

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