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(article, Kim Carlson)

I could swear that somewhere I saw the Fort Mason Taste Pavilions at Slow Food Nation billed as "United Tastes of America." Strictly speaking that's not an untrue characterization, but United Tastes of Northern California would have been more accurate. There were jams and honeys, fish, meats, olive oils, cheeses, and many other tastes offered, most from the vicinity (lucky locals!), but some from as far away as Pennsylvania. 

Designed by a host of Bay Area architects, using recycled and recyclable materials, the pavilions were gorgeous works of art. For a peek, head over to the Slow Food Nation blog or check out the event's flickr pool. Although the lines were long and there was some grumbling about foods running out, most everyone looked happy to be there. And well-fed.

h3. Images from the Slow Food Nation Taste Pavilions at Fort Mason

|[%image rice width='310' caption='A taste of wild-rice cake from the Native Foods pavilion.']
|[%image bread width='310' caption="The Slow Food symbol, in yeast and flour."|
|[%image crowd width='310' caption='The crowd floods into the Taste Pavilions.']
|[%image marche width='310' caption="Marché executive chef Rocky Maselli and his wife, Marché Provisions' Leah Pearl, share charcuterie samples."|
|[%image celebrity width='310' caption="Michael Pollan in the Honey Pavilion."]
|[%image preserves width='310' caption="Jammin'."]|
|[%image naan width='310' caption='Naan, sampled with chutney.'
|[%image diners width='310' caption='Happy tasters.'|

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