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August 28 2008 Market

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With school starting in seven days or less, this week is the last week of summer. Well at least in the eyes of many children including my own.

There is a lot of good produce coming into the market this week. The apple harvest has begun and the new apples are coming in. Peaches are still quite plentiful as are nectarines. Corn, a summer favorite, is plentiful. Green beans and pole beans in general are another popular summer vegetable. Sulina and Bay's Farm is coming back this week with a wide variety of pole beans including cranberry beans, green beans, romano beans, long beans and french filet beans. For the pesto loving crowd, basil should be readily available as well. And let's not forget prepared foods. Hot Mama Salsa came back to the market with their salsas and chips. Nikki is coming back with more product this week and hopefully won't sell out as quickly. Here is the list of vendors and expected availability list. 

Anton's Bakery  OUT THIS WEEK

Baird Family Orchard - peaches, nectarines

Draper Girls Country Farm - ciders, apples (Gravensteins, GingerGold), nectarines, peaches, dried fruit, lamb

Graceful Blades - grasses, perennials, hanging baskets

Greenleaf Farms - Blackberries, raspberries (maybe), green beans, yellow wax beans, snow peas, new potatoes, chiogga beets

Greenville Farm - blueberries, strawberries, zucchini, summer squash, green beans, romano beans, corn, broccoli

Herr Family Farm - cut flowers

Otto and Anita's - Sausage and kraut, dill pickle soup, strudel
Hot Mama Salsa -  handmade salsa and chips

Savory et Sweet - crepes and salads

Stephens Farm - blueberries, peaches, apples(Gravensteins, Williams Pride), kale, cabbage, peas, beets, onions, snow peas, tomatoes

Sulina & Bay's Farm - figs, strawberries, rhubarb, chard, green beans, french green beans, cranberry beans, long beans, cucumbers, cabbage, snow peas, garlic, onions, bunch carrots, bunch beets, basil, tarragon, mint, fenugreek greens

Unger Farms - strawberries, blueberries (maybe), raspberries(maybe)

We also have music this week. DRC will be performing from 4:30 to 6:30. So come on down, grab dinner at Otto and Anita's stall or Savory et Sweet's stall, listen to some music and pick up some things to take home.

See you at the market!