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The best of the not-so-good?

(article, Kim Carlson)

In her review of [%bookLink code=1594868549 "Eat This, Not That!"], a book by Men's Health editor David Zinczenko, Ali Benjamin at The Ethicurean makes a good case for eating at home — especially if the alternative is eating fast food and the goal is being more trim and healthy. 

Benjamin picks apart the premise of the book: That one item — usually from a chain-restaurant menu — is going to put you on the road to sveltedom faster than another. The bottom line is that, by Benjamin's calculations, we'd have to eat a ton of fast food (in some cases, more than one meal a day) in order to reap the benefits claimed by the book. 

Better, we think, to eat what you want when you eat out. Just don't do it more than a few times a month.

Of course, if we all lived in New York City, we'd all be able to tell how many calories we're consuming when we eat at chain restaurants, because a new law there went into effect this month that requires some eateries to list calorie counts. This week, the Wall Street Journal assesses how it's going for New York eaters — and provides a humbling quiz to test your calorie smarts.