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Text Format

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h1. Text Formatting

h4. Basic Formatting

For the most part, text will be displayed as written. Separate paragraphs with a single blank line.

Italic Text: surround text with underscores: \italic text\
Bold Text: sound the phrase with asterisks: \bold text\

h4. Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks and email address that appear in plain text will be displayed in the text as links. To change the text of the link, enclose the URL in square-brackets, followed by the link text.
Example: \Check out Culinate will be displayed as Check out Culinate.

You may use this formatting for either standard http hyperlinks or mailto links for email addresses. Be sure to include the \ http:// or \ mailto: prefix on the URL.

h4. Lists

Bullet Lists: start each line with an asterisk (\*), followed by a space.
Numbered Lists: start each line with a number sign (#), followed by a space.