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This market is terrific!

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Those were the words of Doug Petersen, Commissioner of Agriculture for the state of Massachusetts when he visited our market last Tuesday, June 24th. He is visiting 14 out of over 100 farmers' markets this summer to promote the new agricultural license plate that the Commonwealth is offering. Once they get 1500 of them ordered, they'll be made.

He couldn't get over how busy our market was on a Tuesday afternoon. It is a diverse market both with vendors and customers. 

Recently I had a conversation with a woman who lives in Agawam, a city outside of Springfield that still (fortunately) has many farms and farm stands. She told me that she didn't have to come to the farmers' market as she had the farm stands nearby. I told her that she would see things at a farmers' market that she won't see at a farm stand. Purple beans, chartreuse pointy cauliflower, radicchio, Shanghai bok choi, grass fed beef, local milk, yogurt and butter to name some of the items available at our market.

We are in our 11th year of operation and it just gets better and better!